High-Efficiency Natural Gas or Propane Furnaces

Get a brand new high-efficiency furnace without breaking the bank, with our easy and affordable financing and rent to own plans.

Cold weather conditions can be harsh. So, it is prudent to take the necessary steps for keeping the house warm for the winters. In such situations, a furnace can do the trick. These efficient amenities are great for keeping the whole house warm and comfortable. But buying a furnace is not everyone’s cup of tea, as these can be expensive. Then there is also the need for a hefty supply of electricity that may make these devices a troublesome liability.

But, you can avoid all this if you choose furnace financing. Renting a furnace, instead of buying one, will not only be easy on your pocket but will also ensure the use of a top-grade home appliance. Westcanhs deals in the finest propane and natural gas furnaces that you will appreciate in your house.


  • Big savings! Furnaces typically account for up to 2/3 of heating bills; a new high-efficiency model uses far less gas than older models, meaning you can save up to 45% on your heating bills when you upgrade.
  • A more comfortable home. New furnaces are better at maintaining consistent temperatures, helping to avoid the “hot-cold” effect caused by older furnaces.
  • We Ensure Affordability! For us, your electricity bills and investments matter. That is why we want you to choose a product that will ensure savings up to 45% after using our rental furnaces. This is possible due to the highly efficient equipment that we propose to our customers.
  • We Offer Consistency! Another benefit you will get through our furnace rental is seamless and comfortable maintenance of appropriate temperatures in your house. Just let our appliance do its job in keeping you warm and stress-free.
  • We Offer Variety! Westcanhs gives you the freedom to pick your choice through its diverse list of furnaces consisting of various models and brands. We give you options for varying budgets and sizes too!
  • A more environmentally-friendly home.

We offer a range of furnace brands and models to suit all home sizes and budgets.

High-Efficiency Furnaces

Our top Energy Star-certified units have an Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating of up to 98%, the highest on the market, meaning less waste, and more money staying in your pocket.

Enjoy a more comfortable home and lower heating bills, with a payment schedule that fits your budget.

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